Streamlining Your Restaurant Operations with Integrated Inventory Management

A successful restaurant has many goals it needs to meet, from excellent customer service to great food quality, in order to retain customers and have a routine flow of patrons enthused by the appeal of the restaurant. One of the factors that has a critical effect on the restaurant’s efficiency is inventory management. A well-implemented […]

How To Franchise Your Restaurant In India | A Complete Franchise Guide 2023

Restaurant Franchising Guide India

Your restaurant business is the talk of the town. So now, naturally, you are looking to expand in other areas or even PAN India! One of the most viable ways to have multiple outlets of your restaurant without draining money away from your pocket is franchising. With franchising, a single outlet with a successful brand […]

Bridge: Taking PWA’s the Extra Mile – II

In our last article, we explored how Bridge by Explorex is taking the existing structure of a Progressive Web App further. We’ve already established previously the necessities for a good PWA. Here’s exploring how Bridge is really that revolutionary PWA that changes the existing framework of restaurant management systems. How is Bridge Different?   1. Streamlined […]